A key aspect when hiring a professional and reliable towing company is understanding what towing service you need and what they can provide. You cannot just hire any tow truck company to tow away your vehicle. In this article, find out the right towing and recovery service for the type of situation you have.

Types of Towing and Recovery Services

Abandoned Car Removal.

This is the towing service you need if a vehicle that is not your own is left on your property. Abandoned vehicles refer to vehicles parked illegally on your property. They are hauled away using a wheel-lift tow truck or a hook and chain tow truck.

Once the illegally parked vehicle is hooked to the tow truck, the chains will lift and suspend the car. And then, it is a matter of dragging the automobile away from your property. 

Abandoned vehicles are an eyesore and attract lawbreakers to vandalize, break-in, and steal from private property. If you have “Private Parking” or “Tow Away” signs on your property, and still people are leaving their cars within your perimeter, you can simply pick up your phone and call us. We will help you deal with abandoned cars.

Accident Recovery.

Unfortunately, people get involved in accidents every day. When you find yourself entangled in an accident, it is not wise to attempt to drive away. Driving with damage will only put your life in danger. The first step you should take after a collision is to ask for help or call 911. Then you must assess the extent of damage your car sustained.

Accident vehicle recovery is a dangerous operation for any towing service provider. Understanding of the right procedures and skills is critical for the success of vehicle recovery. That is something we offer our customers.

Marathon Towing can tow your vehicle in all situations. Vehicles that have been wrecked in a collision need special towing to avoid further damage to the car. We are the tow truck nearby that can provide high-quality accident recovery service in and around the area. 

Automobile Transport.

Are you relocating to another state? Do you have multiple cars that you just do not know how to ship? This is the type of towing service you might want to use for long-distance towing. 

Auto transport or car shipping is usually performed by either open-air or enclosed tow trucks or trailers. It is a popular way to move all kinds of vehicles from motorcycles, ATVs, to bigger vehicles like SUVs.

Our tow truck operators are trained to provide the highest level of care and professionalism you deserve. 

Emergency Roadside Service.

Incidents such as tire blowout on the highway and battery drain can happen in an instant. This is the towing service you need if you get stuck in the middle of the road, or if you need roadside assistance.

In most cases, a hook and chain tow truck or a boom truck with a hydraulic arm is used to tow away vehicles that have broken down in the middle of the road. For bigger vehicles like RVs, vans, and buses, an integrated tow truck is used. This has more power and extra axle for large, heavy loads.

Flatbed Towing. This is the most common type of towing service often used for carrying crashed cars, motorcycles, and large vehicles. The tow truck used for this service has a large flatbed where vehicles are locked and secured. Flatbed-style tow trucks are a safe way to transport vehicles since no part of the car is in contact with the road. This is also the ideal service you would want for your luxury, exotic, or vintage car. 

Need a Tow Truck Service?

The towing capacity of tow trucks depends on two things: the weight of the tow truck and the maximum weight of the cargo. Basically, that involves the class, model, and size of the vehicle. It is important to hire the right towing service and tow truck for your car.

Do you need a towing service nearby? No need to search for “tow truck near me,” simply call us and we can help you figure out the right towing service for your situation and location. Our tow company is dedicated to providing the best local service.