Towing company Livingston 

When unexpected car breakdowns happen, Marathon Towing is ready to respond 24/7 anywhere in Livingston, NJ. Our local towing services can haul small to medium-sized vehicles.

Make an appointment now! Need other recovery services? We can help with other roadside troubles too.


Travels can take you everywhere, we are here to provide towing services whenever you need them. Safe, convenient, and efficient are what most people desire from a towing company. We are all that. We believe that is the best combination that will help you get back on the road sooner.


Customer Service

Great customer service is all about helping people feel less stressed and frustrated during their time of need. The roadside breakdown is a problem, and as a team what we aim to do is offer the best fitting solutions to resolve your car issues and not add more. We perform our services professionally.


Fast & Convenient

Panicking? You do not have to worry, our servicemen will be there with the right tools and equipment soon as possible. It can be scary being on the roadside with a broken vehicle, especially when you are all alone. Our dedicated technicians will arrive to give you the assistance and other roadside services you require in no time.

Contacting a professional roadside assistance services provider is a must. Marathon Towing offers excellent towing services. Looking for a towing nearby? We are available anytime and anywhere!

Our Services


Marathon takes pride in our ability to provide fast and convenient towing services at competitive price rates. 


  • Roadside Assistance 

When your car suddenly fails to get you where you needed to be, you need to call a roadside assistance company in Livingston. We can provide emergency towing to any vehicles stranded or wrecked anywhere in Livingston. 


  • Tow Truck Service Near Me

Had a vehicle breakdown in the middle of a busy road? On a highway? Do not wait for hours for a towing company that cannot be by your side when you need them. Instead, hire our Livingston tow truck. We will ensure to respond quicker to your breakdown needs. So when you search tow truck service near me, best to choose a trusted towing company in Livingston. You can rest easy knowing your precious vehicle is being transported by a good company.

  • Flat Tire Change Service

Every automobile owner has, at some point in time, experienced having a flat tire. This does not only come with many inconveniences but can risk your safety and could endanger others too. Upon noticing running with a flat tire, immediately park your car on the nearest and safest side of the road. Our towing company Livingston is here to help you. Contact Marathon Towing and we will be at your location with the tools and equipment you need. If your vehicle has a small puncture, we can also help tow your vehicle to the nearest air and pump plug.


  • Locked out of the vehicle

Got yourself locked out of your car? You can calm down and relax because at Marathon Towing, we can help you unlock the vehicle and get you back on the road again. We have the right tools to help you with keys jammed in the ignition, lock malfunction, jammed locks, broken or lost keys, and more!

Why choose Marathon Towing for your roadside or towing needs?


We do not only offer competitive services and prices, we have something that other towing companies in Livingston do not have: a sense of urgency. Our technicians know the emotional, mental, and physical effects of experiencing a roadside breakdown, hence we will get to you as quickly as possible, no dilly-dallying! As a roadside breakdown and towing service provider, we have successfully assisted quite a lot of people in distress. And we want to help you get to where you need to be.


You really only have two options when you get stuck on the road. You can either figure it out yourself, or you can call Marathon Towing to give you professional towing services. Your choice.


At Marathon Towing, we believe in fast and convenient customer service. We are ready 24/7 to provide roadside assistance in Livingston.