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Our Mission

  • Passionate. As a roadside assistance company in Westfield, Marathon Towing has a proven record of accomplishing towing needs. We guarantee that we are the best “tow truck service near me,” you will find on Google. Our team ensures jobs are done with utmost professionalism using top-notch equipment.

  • Dependable. Customer support and accessibility are important to us. We know that for someone in an unfortunate situation, these two would be important for them too. Marathon Towing strives to be the quickest and most reliable in providing the towing services people need. We provide an immediate response, done right by experts!

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Westfield Tow Truck Services


If you are looking for a Westfield tow truck, we are the towing company nearby to call. Over the years, Marathon Towing has earned the trust of the locals. Select the help you need below.


Light to Medium Duty Towing. We offer complete towing services in and around Westfield, NJ. If it is within the area, we got you covered! Call us to get more details about our light to mid duty towing needs.


  • Local
  • Long-distance
  • Trucks
  • Small Box Trucks
  • Vans


Recovery Services. Road accidents and breakdowns occur everywhere and at any time. Marathon Towing is here to aid motorists with recovery services for winching, accidents, and rollovers.  

Roadside Assistance. It is very frustrating to experience a roadside vehicle breakdown. When you contact us, we will be where you are as quickly as possible to provide the assistance you need. Contact us whether you need on-site assistance or help to reach the nearest car repair shop.


  • Do you need a fast and reliable jump start service? The battery is crucial to get a vehicle up and running. Unfortunately, they could drain due to leaks, bad fuses, or leaving the interior light and headlights on overnight. No problem! Marathon Towing has the tools and equipment to help jump-start your car.


  • Need gas assistance? We can help tow your automobile to the nearest gas station. Rescue is just a few minutes away, so call us now and we will come to you.


  • Got locked out of your car? All of our technicians are well-trained and can work on vehicle lockouts no matter what the model or make is. 


  • Need to replace a flat tire? It is not uncommon for nails, screws, or even sharp stones to damage car tires. Running with a punctured wheel is very dangerous and might cause a vehicular accident. Our team can help your tire patched and plugged and ready for the road again. Or we can tow you to the nearest repair shop.


Our experts are always on standby. With just a phone call, rescue will be on your way. Talk with Marathon Towing now for more about our services.

How long does it take for professional roadside assistance services to arrive?


If the discussion goes according to plan, Marathon towing will be with you as fast as possible. We pride ourselves on high-quality and heavy-duty tow trucks and cutting-edge equipment. Some factors to consider:


  • Season
  • Vehicle Size
  • Location


Why Choose our Towing Company Westfield, NJ


When faced with a frustrating situation like a car breakdown, choosing the right Westfield towing company to work with is extremely important. It is critical to uncover the company’s reputation and services.


You can expect quality towing services from Marathon Towing. Our towing company in Westfield offers a variety of towing services that will suit your needs. As a team, we work to help people get their car fixed on the spot or get towed to the safest place.


Marathon Towing is at your service! Get our help now. Just share with us what towing or roadside assistance you need, your current location, and we will be in our way.