Marathon Towing – Elizabeth

While there are a number of Elizabeth towing companies available, only a reliable one like Marathon towing will surely help ease your burdens brought by unexpected roadside situations. We have been offering only competent and secure towing in Elizabeth and other areas in the state of New Jersey.

You’re probably going to need roadside assistance or towing service someday…

No matter how well maintained your vehicle is, roadside emergencies can still strike. We don’t want you exposed in the road’s perils, alone and helpless. Give us a call! Here, we believe that each and every emergency call deserves prompt response – whether you’ve been involved in an automobile collision which necessitates a towing Elizabeth service or you’re only experiencing engine problems. Our courteous professionals ensure that you are back in gear as soon as practicable.

Our team is composed of highly skilled tow truck experts. We see to it that your vehicle is properly attached to one of our top-of-the-line tow trucks and transported to its destination with respect. Additionally, we can help arrange for transportation to and from your home or workplace, just so you will be able to resume your daily routine as soon as possible.

In need of a reputable towing in the Elizabeth area? Saving our digits will come in handy when that day comes. We’ll be happy to get you through your rough situation.

Towing Services We Offer in Elizabeth, NJ

        Flatbed Towing

Our flatbed towing trucks provide much more versatility and convenience. They can extract any car and haul the car away.

        Long Distance Towing

No matter where you are moving, either to Elizabeth or somewhere else, Marathon Towing will be glad to serve you. Our long distance towing will help keep more mileage off your vehicle, thereby preserving an improved resale value once you decide to sell your car.

        Light or Medium Towing

 We can also transport different types of vehicles than anyone else in Elizabeth. These include:

  o   ATVs or Four-Wheelers

o   Motorcycles or motorbikes

o   Light-duty trucks

o   Passenger vans

o   Any other light-duty or medium-duty towing needs

        Motorcycle Towing

Is your motorcycle busted? We will tow bikes irrespective of whether they are stranded on the sides of the road or in a garage. We have a simple method for securely standing up your bike and protecting it from injury using harness straps.

Roadside Assistance Services Offered by Marathon Towing 

        Vehicle Locksmith

Whenever you’re traveling from home, the very last thing you would want to happen is lose your keys or leave them in a taxi. You don’t want this happening to you especially if you are already miles away from your home. Give us a call when that happens. No matter where you are in or around the Elizabeth area, Marathon Towing’s highly qualified automotive locksmith technicians will be there to carry out our vehicle lockout services using various techniques.

Out of Gas Delivery Service

Nothing is more irksome than running out of gas. You might have skipped an exit or made an incorrect driving calculation. Maybe you’ve misplaced your wallet or the gas station is already closed. Running out of fuel is among the most avoidable incidents on the road, yet it still occurs too often.

If you encounter this type of position, contact Marathon Towing immediately. If the distance to the closest gas station is within a reasonable driving distance for us to refuel, we will surely deliver the fuel to your place, allowing you to get back on the road as soon as possible.

        Flat Tire Services

A flat tire can happen in many different ways, and we’ve seen them all. We’ve received calls  from customers whose tires have been cut with scissors, but we often receive customer service calls whose tires have been punctured by nails from building projects or whose tires have been crushed by glass found in parking lots and busy streets. If all of the above applies to you, we at Marathon Towing can provide you with a free estimate and will either plug your tire on the spot or tow you to the nearest service station.

Being stuck on the road in or around Elizabeth, New Jersey, is any driver’s worst nightmare. But that is exactly why we’re here at Marathon Towing. All it takes is a call from you; we’ll be there in minutes to cater to your towing and roadside assistance needs. Save our digits today!