Newark Towing

Need towing in Newark, New Jersey? Call at Marathon Roadside Assistance – We’ll be there in minutes!

Roadside emergencies tend to take place at unfamiliar places and at unpredictable times. In such moments, it pays to know someone that you can always call and depend on for a reliable and prompt rescue like Marathon. Marathon Roadside Assistance carries out premium quality towing and roadside assistance services in the Newark, NJ area without compromising affordability. 

Here at Marathon, we very well know how stressful such a situation can be, from trying to address the problem on your own, to worrying about the road perils and security threats you could be exposed to along the way. One of our goals is to alleviate the stress you might have to face and secure your safety, with the help of our reliable towing Newark services. 

We do not want to see you helpless and alone in the middle of the road. All it needs is a ring from you. Give us a call; our 24/7 call support team is always ready to take it and handle your situation with urgency. After a brief interview, a team of seasoned, highly trained tow operators and mechanics will be immediately dispatched to your Newark location for a much needed rescue. If we say we’ll be there in 30 minutes, we will. 

A Seasoned Towing and Roadside Assistance Company based in Springfield is now also serving the Newark community…

 Based in Springfield, NJ, we are a team of highly trained and qualified operators and technicians who have mastered our craft even more after attending to thousands of towing and roadside assistance calls within the Union County, and Essex County communities. And because we want to serve even better, we are glad to announce that we are now expanding our coverage to Newark, New Jersey as well. 

Here are the tow services we provide:


  • Flatbed Towing

  • Long Distance Towing

  • Light/Medium Towing

  • Motorcycle Towing


 We’ve been the leading towing and roadside assistance company in New Jersey for a reason. Save our hotline and enjoy the following perks: 


  • Expert Newark towing company serving 24 hours a day

  • Secure and safe tow of your vehicle to your desired destination

  • Courteous, highly trained professionals carrying out the job

  • Towing costs that will not hurt your wallet



Quality Roadside Assistance Services

Besides these reliable tow services, we also cater to car recovery service needs. Some of these include: 

  • Vehicle lockouts
  • Gas Delivery
  • Battery Jumpstarting
  • Tire Replacement

 With the help of our highly trained technicians, you’ll surely be able to deal with your roadside emergency smoothly and safely. 

Accidentally ran over a sharp object on your way to your Newark destination, your tires didn’t make it undamaged? Worried you don’t have the skills and right tools to replace them? Or you accidentally ran out of gas and couldn’t spot any gas station nearby? Don’t fret. Give us a call instead. We’re here to get your needs covered.

Operating 24/7


Our hotlines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure that every Newark road distress call is appropriately responded to. 

We understand that road misfortunes, like any other accidents, choose no time and place. Hence, even if you call at the oddest hour of the night, from a seemingly remote area within Newark, even during a snowstorm, you can always count on us. We’re here to get you out of your dangerous situation. 

If you’re in need of a reliable, quality tow service around Newark, turn to Marathon. Our staff will make sure your vehicle is handled and transported properly and appropriately onto your desired destination at a rate affordable. We’d be more than happy to help.