car gets Flooded/Stuck in Water

Who doesn’t wish to have their car in its perfect condition? No one, right. We try to ensure that our vehicle is in great condition before commencing any trip or journey. But considering the climate changes, sometimes we may get stuck in rains or experience floods in our area. If our car gets excess exposure to water, this may lead to extreme damage to the vehicle components. Thus it is considered wise to stay prepared before the monsoon season hits. A continuous rainfall can make your vehicles stuck inside water for hours. 

You would be able to determine how deep your car was submerged. The mud and debris will leave a waterline on the car’s interior and exterior. If the water rises above the bottom of the doors, possibly your car might be in jeopardy. 

Unfortunately, if you are looking for how to fix a water flooded engine, you must consider some things to counter the damage or improve the condition.

If your car has been standing too long in water and the engine refuses to start, here are some things you must do – 

  • Don’t try to turn on the engine

If your car happens to be stuck in a pool of water, DO NOT turn your vehicle on. The water that has entered your vehicle is liable to damage every single component, including the engine and transmission. More water can enter, which will worsen the condition of your car if you try to start the engine. The excessive water inside the vehicle can result in ‘Hydrolock,’ which is a pretty common problem with flooded cars.

It is not easy to fix a hydro-locked engine as water entering the internal components in a combustion engine can cause much-unseen damage. But god forbid if this happens, the hydro locked engine repairs cost could be extremely high, and in extreme cases, the car is destroyed completely.

  • Act fast to remove the water.

The water inside the car can easily damage the wiring and mechanical components of the car. The longer the water stays inside the car, the more damage it will create. So your first step must be to remove the water from your vehicle if you can do so. If you see puddles of water on your vehicle floor, soak them up quickly. Simply use a sponge or towels to soak up the water. 

Note – If you want to use the vacuum cleaner for removing the water, Make sure it’s a shop-vac and not one that you use for the carpets in your house.

  • Ventilate your Car

After removing the water from your car’s inside, you have to work fastly to dry the affected areas. If your area has enough sunlight, park your car there, roll down the windows, and even pull your doors open. Let the heat of the sun take care of it. If there is less sunshine in your area, park your auto in an open area and use an electric standing fan to dry the insides.

  • Call your Insurance Company.

If your car was stuck in a flood zone, make sure to call your insurance company and inform them about the mishap. As flood damages get covered under comprehensive insurance, you may get protected from losing your vehicle.

We know that it might be hard for you when your vehicle is not in optimal condition, but that doesn’t mean service centers can not repair it. Take action timely, and you will be able to save your car. Plan out each process, and you will be able to recover the vehicle.