Vehicle Breakdown

You may have been responsible for ensuring routine maintenance for your vehicle, but just because it is well-maintained, it does not mean it is exempted from vehicle breakdowns. As per most seasoned drivers, your first breakdown can be very scary. With that said, it is vital to face the situation with calmness and presence of mind. To help you deal with it better and safer, here are some breakdown handling tips to remember:

Tip #1: When your car breaks down, first things first: turn on your hazard lights then pull the car over to the roadside immediately. Regardless of what issue your car is facing, these measures are to keep you somehow away from the road’s perils. With your hazard lights blinking, approaching vehicles will be able to notice your car ahead.

Tip #2: Once it is parked on the side, launch the emergency brake then put your steering wheel in a position opposite from the road or traffic to reduce potential dangers. Then place your early warning devices on appropriate positions.

Tip #3: Depending on your situation and the situation of the outside traffic, it may or may not be safe to get out of your car. However, in most cases, experts advise Springfield drivers to stay inside their cars with locks activated while waiting to be rescued from a local tow truck nearby.

No need to fret; Marathon Towing can respond in a matter of minutes. Our topmost priority is to keep our customers safe.

Tip #4: If you think you are in trouble, your hazard lights will not be enough to let other drivers know the extent of it. This is where you can make use of an LED emergency light. Just place it a few yards behind your car and let it serve as an additional warning device. But, if you feel that it is unsafe to get out of your car once again, stay inside instead and fasten your seatbelt until the response you need arrives.

Tip #5: Do not easily trust strangers. This rule is taught as early as in childhood years but even when dealing with a car breakdown, it is still vital to keep it in mind. If your car has stalled in an urban area, chances are people will come towards you to offer help. Do not trust easily; aside from their intentions, they may not have the right skills to do it and might only end up magnifying the damage. In such cases, it is always best to call help from a local tow company with the expertise of dealing with roadside assistance concerns.

Safety first; we at Marathon Towing have been operating with this mantra in mind. We know how critical such situations may be, and thus we put every safety of our callers on top of our priority. Give us a call, we’ll be there in minutes.