safe towing

No matter how well maintained your car is, at some point, accidents or misfortunes might happen, leaving you stuck on the road and needing a tow to the nearest service center. Without a reliable towing service company in mind, you might feel inclined to ask a friend to do the towing. Before that even happens, do note that there are road traffic safety rules that have to be followed. You might think that your friend can help but for safety purposes, below are some useful tips for safe towing:

Tip #1: Remember, not everyone is qualified to tow.

Towing a vehicle requires more than just average driving skills as there are a number of steps to take to ensure safety. It necessitates a trained skillset that a qualified tow truck driver has trained for. So while a friend may be good at driving a trailer, only a qualified professional should do your towing in Springfield.

Again, when it comes to towing and roadside assistance services, no one can guarantee safety more than a professional towing company can. Before the tow begins, towing technicians always carry out regular checkups on the towing tools and equipment to ensure a smooth and safe towing performance.

Tip #2: Your tow company must be able to handle your car’s towing weight.

You can call anyone for help but the fact remains; not all of them can tow. So, before you pick a friend to call, do remember to consider his car’s towing capacity. Otherwise, both of you might end up facing a myriad of problems. A reputable towing company in  Springfield knows that there is a specific weight limit that every private vehicle must be able to handle to perform a smooth and safe tow. Violating or ignoring this will most likely compromise the stability of the tow, putting both drivers and their vehicles at high accident risk. 

Tip #3: Before the actual tow, the towing technician will inspect customers’ brakes. 

Given the required extra room between the two vehicles for possible sudden braking, it is vital that both vehicles’ braking systems work flawlessly. This is to ensure safety, especially under uncommon and perilous weather conditions. Otherwise, lousy brakes can mean road disaster, i.e. if either of the brakes fails, the weight from the cargo would be enough to make a dangerous collision.

Tip #4: To best ensure your safety, entrust the job to a reliable towing service.

Sticking to a DIY tow might not only jeopardize your safety but your friend’s as well. During such times, it is always best to leave the job to your trusted Springfield towing company. All you have to do is dial our hotline and a dependable service team will be deployed in no time.