Tips to Prevent Common Vehicle Breakdowns

Just because a car is regularly maintained, does not mean it is safe from road misfortunes. Vehicle breakdowns can still happen regardless and this is something motorists must be ready to get through at all times as a part of risk reduction.

Preparedness against road misfortunes is vital. It means as a driver, before commencing a trip, you have to make sure that your vehicle is loaded with a spare tire along with your car emergency kit list. Saving your trusted towing and roadside assistance company’s phone number will also come in handy in case your problem becomes unmanageable.

Nonetheless, preventing common breakdowns is always the safer path. Experts say the key to keeping away from them is simple. The tips below will show you how:

Tip #1: Inspect your oil levels regularly

Vehicles differ in terms of oil consumption driven by their age, type, and mode of use (whether they are frequently used only within city limits or in long-distance travel). Failure to ensure sufficient oil levels can lead to overheating and earlier wear-and-tear of the parts because of hard friction. Thus, one of the easiest precautions to implement is by checking your oil regularly. 

To do this, just put a dry dipstick in the tank, hold it for a couple of seconds, and then pull it back out. Notice where the oil level is and decide whether to add oil or not, accordingly. However, make sure you are doing this on a cold and flat ground to get an accurate level.

Tip #2: Check your radiator’s water level

As the water level in your radiator also helps prevent overheating, ensuring that it is sufficient will help reduce your likelihood of stalling in the middle of a trip.

Tip #3Listen attentively to noises

The noise will alert you of a potential vehicle problem. It is never to be ignored especially if the noise do not go away. 

  • If you hear a “clac-clac”, it is probably that your gimbals or the part that ensures the transmission of your engine movement to the front wheels, are defective or worn out. 
  • If you hear a “clong” sound while driving through a bump, it might indicate a problematic suspension. 
  • If while changing pace or shifting gears, you can hear a crunch in your gearbox, it might be another potential problem. 
  • If you can hear your wheel grunting or whistling, it could be a problem with your bearing. Without proper attention, this can mean road danger.

However, other vehicle problems can arise even with regular check-ups, e.g. faulty or flat battery, lost keys, accidental vehicle lock-out, and more. In such cases, calling the hotline of reputable roadside assistance and tow company in Springfield, NJ like Marathon Roadside Assistance will get you through the stressful and perilous situation.

Here at Marathon, we are armed with the right tools and equipment paired with the knowledge, extensive training, and experience to carry out the job for all sorts of vehicle breakdowns. Most importantly, we are very well aware of the road perils that you could be in. Your safety is our topmost priority. Save our digits today! Once you call us for help, we’ll be there in minutes.