Roadside Assistance

One of the main advantages of having a regularly maintained vehicle is that it significantly reduces your likelihood of experiencing breakdowns or other road misfortunes in the middle of a trip. However, the minuscule possibility of getting caught off guard when this happens is still there. Apparently, a lot of drivers in New Jersey including some seasoned ones still end up unprepared to face such an emergency situation.

If you’re residing somewhere in Union County, the good news is, all it takes is a few rings to our hotline. A reliable but cheap tow company like Marathon Towing will come to your rescue in no time for your much-needed car recovery services. However, before you dial our hotline and wait for our help to arrive, make sure to remember these tips to ensure your safety:

Tip #1: The right shoulder of the road is the safest place to pull over and wait.

If your vehicle starts acting up on a highway, immediately maneuver your car towards the right side shoulder lane that is designed as an emergency parking area. The purpose of this is to avoid potential dangers that the oncoming traffic may come with like another road collision.

Tip #2: If your car is not overheating or does not yield a smoke from the engine, remain seated and buckled, and hang inside while waiting for help.

Staying inside your car while waiting to be rescued by the chosen roadside assistance company nearby will expose you less to potential perils particularly if you got stranded during nighttime in a remote area. Do not forget to keep your doors locked and be as idle as you can. The goal is to be inconspicuous even for a short while.

Tip #3: Stay away from the traffic.

Meanwhile, if the breakdown goes down on a bustling and crowded highway and the circumstances disable you from pulling over on the safe roadside, then always remember to try your very best to exit your car through what your instinct has identified as the safest door. And then immediately take out and set up your early warning devices appropriately before sending yourself away from the traffic with caution.

If the degree of the situation is high and requires an urgent response, then make sure to walk towards the safest roadside first before calling professional help. Otherwise, hit that call button right away to have our team immediately respond to your location before making your way out of the traffic.

More and more vehicle owners have chosen us as the most trusted roadside assistance and towing company in Springfield and Union County areas as we treat every emergency call with the urgency it most deserves. Give us a call today! Here at Marathon, your safety is our topmost priority.