Vehicle’s Performance

As winter is just around the corner, the holidays and gift-giving sessions are making everyone giddy. On the downside, for vehicle owners, this might mean a headache as the cold weather can highly likely affect the vehicle’s performance of their cars. It can even be as low as ignition failure.

Here at The Marathon Roadside Assistance LLC, the last thing we’ll want is to see your car stalling and you helpless during the oddest time. Here are a few tips from us to help you boost your car’s performance under the snowy weather:

Tip #1: Make sure that your car’s battery is in optimum condition to make sure your car turns on when ignited all throughout the season.

Your car’s battery should be on top of your checklist when preparing for winter. Do not wait for the snow to come, have your battery checked up and changed if need be as early as in autumn. The goal is to ensure that it holds a good charge for the coming days to prevent issues with cold starts and to enhance your car’s total performance in temperatures below freezing point.

Tip #2:  Fuel up your gas tank and oil your car up with the right fluids for winter.

It is vital to use the right fluids for cold weather to ensure that your car’s performance does not get hampered. These may include lighter or thinner oils and lubricants, and antifreeze fluids that can add up a layer of protection on your car against freezing cold temperatures.

Tip #3: Ensure that your tires are in a condition great enough in combating the snow.

Another vital aspect that you will want to look into and ensure a great condition over the cold months are your car’s tires. Safety experts also advise of having special winter treads installed on your tires for better traction. However, if changing tires every spring and fall annoys you, you should consider investing in all-weather tires instead. They work perfectly fine even in winter.

Tip #4: Upgrade your car’s system to protect your engine from the cold.

There are enhancements and upgrades that you can have done to your precious car to protect its engine from cold weather. This can be in the form of cold weather gear like an engine blanket. This will overall help protect your car engine and other vital parts from getting overly exposed to cold.

If you are not so versed in these aspects, it would be best to entrust the job to the experts at Marathon Roadside Assistance. We’ve been providing professional roadside assistance services around Springfield, NJ for some time now. So if you’re in a bind, we’re just a call away. Your much-needed help will arrive in no time.