convert your junk car into cash

Cars are part of our daily lives. We use them to go to places, especially to work, school, or to go shopping. But over time, you might need to upgrade to a bigger or newer vehicle. 

Junk cars for cash are simply genius. Sell that junk car or at least hire a towing company that does junk car removal. But before you sell your car, here are all the other ways you can convert your junk car into cash

Trade-in your car

Old junk cars do not normally bring much value when traded in a dealership. Before you decide to trade your car, gauge if that is the right thing to do. Is the vehicle too old? Not running? Have missing parts?

Although trading can offset the cost of a replacement vehicle, if it is not in good condition, you won’t get a high degree of value from it. Also, trading a car involves a tedious process. You have to figure everything out to avoid hassles and inconveniences.

Do not just let that junk car sit in your garage. A towing company nearby can easily pick up your vehicle. Marathon towing is what you need. We can tow away junk cars, trucks, or SUVs.   

Sell parts of your car

Selling your car’s parts is another option. If it is your first time parting from a vehicle, Here are some questions to take under consideration:

  • How much time can you give for parting out the car?
  • Where do you plan on selling the parted-out car?
  • What is your estimated return?
  • Will parting out be worth the invested time or professional help?
  • Are there any other options to sell your car?

You can get a lot out of a damaged or junk car. Automobiles have valuable parts that you can still make a few hundred dollars like the alternators, entertainment system, and starter motors. High-quality tires and rims can also be sold for a couple hundred more!

Remove parts and sell as scrap

Selling scrap parts to junkyards is less profitable compared to selling a junk car as a whole. Still, there are numerous scrap yards that would be willing to buy car parts that have a decent scrap value. Parts made of cast iron and metal that have been sitting for a long time can still be stripped and sold. Clean up the dirt and rust and they can be ready for recycling.

When it comes to selling parts as scraps, you have to remember that not all car parts can be recycled. Not all scrap yards accept things that are made of plastic, wood, or materials that are radioactive or have lead and mercury.

Sell it as a used car

One of the obvious options you have to get rid of your junk car is to sell it second-hand. When selling your junk car, you have the option of either selling it privately or bringing it to a dealership. Trading is the simple and fast way, but if you want to have the upper hand and make more money, consider selling it on your own. 

Just like trading, selling your car can be a hectic experience as well. Learn the best deals before you take on the selling process. Most importantly, do one last check on your junk car.

It is tempting to leave personal belongings inside the vehicle you do not want anymore. But, it is your responsibility to gather them.

  • Look in the glove compartment and trunk
  • Remove any items in the door pockets, rear and overhead console, and under the seats
  • Throw away receipts clipped on the sun visors

You do not want any liability on a junk or damaged car. 

We Buy Junk Cars

Do you have an unwanted vehicle costing you hundreds of dollars in repair that you want to get out of your property or a junk car you want to sell? If it helps you, we can make an offer for the complete removal of your vehicle.

A junk car is only taking space on your property. Give us a call today. We offer car towing and removal that might help you.