Being in a car accident is one of the many things vehicle owners dread for a lifetime. Unfortunately, no amount of car maintenance can exempt one from experiencing it as it takes a collective effort from the road community. If misfortunes got you in one and your car turned out to be not as lucky and unharmed as you are, it might necessitate a professional rescue to control the damage. The good news is, a reliable emergency towing Springfield company like Marathon Towing is just a call away.

Determining the most appropriate type of tow truck for your needs

During your emergency call to a tow company’s call support team, it is important to provide all the vital details regarding the current situation and state of your vehicle.

How did the collision go? Did it wreck the vehicle too much or were there only minor dents? What is the current location? Etc.

These details are vital in determining which type of tow service best suits your needs and priorities.

In a matter of minutes, the towing rescue that your precious asset very much needs will arrive. Once that time comes, the tow team will most likely be considering these factors in assessing your situation:

1. Whether or not your vehicle is obstructing the traffic flow…

If the accident happened in a congested spot, causing your vehicle to obstruct the normal traffic flow, the police may have the authority to have your car towed right away. In which case, you will be asked to sign an Authority-to-Tow paper your chosen tow company will give you. The purpose of this is to put into writing that the towing has been mutually agreed with.

2. Your desired tow destination

As the vehicle owner, you have the right to decide on your vehicle’s tow destination. Here at Marathon Towing, your towing needs are covered for as long as the destination is within a 125-kilometer radius from the point of origin. Once everything has been arranged, the tow will commence right away and proper payment terms will be discussed right after.

3. Your chosen roadside recovery service company is required to provide secure storage for your vehicle.

Just because your car has already incurred damages from the accident, it does not mean it deserves less care and less-than-average handling. Even with wrecked cars, a good tow company makes sure it carries out safe and premium quality tow service at a price reasonable.

Besides the safety of Springfield vehicle owners, ensuring the best vehicle handling is also on our priority list. Here at Marathon Towing, we got your needs covered. Save our digits today and take note of the above mentioned factors so you will be better prepared when our team arrives on site.