Towing a vehicle is of course a risky job that requires the right set of equipment and skills. Unless the circumstance has left you without a choice but to do the towing on your own, entrusting the job to the real tow professionals should be your number one priority, no matter how costly it can be for as long as the price is reasonable.

Here’s why vehicle towing is best left to a professional service:

Reason #1: A reliable Springfield towing company is well-equipped. 

Towing is not as easy as it seems. In fact, it requires at least a heavy pickup truck or a decent flatbed tow truck to tow a vehicle efficiently. These vehicles come with lifting and proper rigging equipment that are best fit to carry out the job. 

To ensure minimal to zero damage and quality towing, you need a tow truck that best fits your road situation and qualified professionals armed with the necessary towing tools. More often than not, the truck will vary on the type and condition of the vehicle to be towed and the odds present. That said, doing the job on your own may only turn out costing you more, considering your lack of the said resources. 

Reason #2: A reliable tow company is experienced in its field while you’re not 

Just because you are ace at driving, it does not mean you can be as great when towing. The driving styles required are entirely different – sometimes, it can even get more difficult than driving a large commercial vehicle, such as buses. Also, there are particular to-dos that need to be maintained, e.g. driving at a constant speed, practicing gradual acceleration and braking, and gauging accurately the length of the tow truck and the vehicle towed. 

Reason #3: Safe towing is guaranteed 

Vehicle towing is one complicated task that can be truly perilous. A simple mistake can cause huge damage not just to the tow truck and the towed vehicle but to the other vehicles that are also on the scene. The good news is, entrusting the job to a professional tow truck service will mean the likelihood of these misfortunes is significantly reduced as real tow professionals have most likely gone through rigorous training and were able to master their crafts already after years of experience in the field.

Reason #4:  Tow professionals very well know how much each type of tow truck can handle 

Many drivers who had attempted a DIY tow ended up blowing their tow truck’s transmission simply because they went over what the tow vehicle was designed to handle. Of course, this wouldn’t happen in the hands of tow experts. Behind a professional tow company is a team of expert tow operators that are knowledgeable about which tow truck type can best handle a given capacity. 

Reason #5: Leaving the job to a professional towing company is a cost-efficient decision 

A DIY can end up far costlier as risks can be magnified. We’re not only talking about property damage here. Medical bills can await too in case of an injury. 

Entrusting the job to a reliable professional towing service is always the best decision to make…

Every road accident or incident requires an urgent response and a reliable professional towing and roadside assistance company like Marathon Towing is well aware of that. You can never go wrong with entrusting the job to real, seasoned experts. 

If you’re in Union or Essex counties, be it in a remote, seemingly inaccessible area, don’t hesitate to call us for your local tow service and car recovery needs. We’re just a few rings away, up and set to serve you, 24/7 at affordable rates. 

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