Roadside Assistance

There are a lot of reasons why vehicle owners in and around Springfield rely on Marathon Towing for their towing and roadside recovery assistance service needs. We provide 24/7 availability with quick response times and quality services to helpless vehicle owners on the road. Our reliability has gained the trust of Springfield residents while assuring that they’ll never be left alone when such road misfortunes arise.

Over time, we have received numerous emergency calls for Marathon Towing and roadside assistance services. The following are the most common reasons for such calls:

1.     “I got flat tires. I must have accidentally run over some sharp objects.” While a spare tire is required in every functioning vehicle, we have noted that the majority of vehicle owners still lack confidence when it comes to tire replacement and this is usually because of safety concerns or lack of necessary tools. Give us a call when this happens but stay inside your car until we arrive; we’ll be there in minutes.

2.     “I got locked out, I left my keys inside.” In this digital age, modern vehicles are already equipped with advanced technology to reduce the likelihood of vehicle owners getting locked out. However, it can still happen to those with old modeled cars. More often than not, owners who have forced their way in ended up with damage key fobs – a lesson learned the hard way.

3.     “My vehicle’s battery is dead.” With the right tools and materials, you can jumpstart your car’s battery on your own but this will expose you to outside risks which may not be worth the attempt. Those who have called us for roadside assistance in Springfield needed help for their battery problems, be it a jumpstart or an issue with the alternator or the starter. Dial our digits; we will help determine and address the problem in no time.

4.     “My car is overheating.” An occasional overheating is fine but if it repeatedly happens, it can be perilous to keep pushing it, not just to you and your passengers’ safety, but also to your engine. When your car overheats, it is always best to pull over and call help from the professionals in Marathon Towing. We have been trusted for a reason.

5.     “I ran out of gas.” Drivers can run out of gas and be left stranded on the roadside. If this happens to you and you cannot find a gas station nearby or you have no one to deliver a refill to your location, give us a call. We’ll get your needs covered.

6.     “I need a tow.” Vehicle owners who get into accidents or who could no longer handle their vehicle problems mostly turned to their trusted professional towing and road assistance company for a reliable tow.

Marathon Towing is just a call away. No matter what time of day it is of the week, our 24/7 tow operators will respond to your location like how we’ve done with every service request that we’ve received. Your vehicle will be handled with safety using our proper towing protocols. Call now.