Car troubles are one of the worst ways that can ruin the road trip you have been most excited about. No matter how much you try to avoid them and even if you make sure to comply with the regular maintenance routines, if a road misfortune is meant to hit, you do not have a choice but to face it.  This is where saving the hotline of a reliable New Jersey tow truck and roadside assistance company comes in handy.

There are particular road situations that seem manageable and there are those that aren’t. As the driver, it is crucial to decide whether to deal with the car troubleshooting tasks on your own or to seek help from the real professionals as you have to do it considerably. To help you decide, check out the signs below that you need a professional tow rescue.

Sign #1: When it looks unsafe to carry out a repair.

Flat tires are one of the top car issues vehicle owners have to deal with on random occasions. Although at the core, drivers should have basic tire replacement skills, resorting to DIY tire replacement is not so recommended at busy or poorly lit roads especially during night time. In such risky cases, it is safer to call for roadside assistance or a local tow service to ensure safety and quality of work.

Sign #2: You don’t have the tools and equipment needed for it.

Of course, depending on the severity of the car issue, if you are not equipped with the right tools and whatnot, you cannot expect to pull off the repair job. This is true especially when you are dealing with a dead battery or a locked-out vehicle. While of course there are potential savings in trying to do the repair on your own, if you don’t have the tools and skills for it, it might only lead to costly damages. Most of the time, calling a nearby towing company for your much needed roadside assistance repair or tow rescue is a more cost-efficient and effective decision.

Sign #3: The weather is not in your favor.

Roadside repairs are highly discouraged especially under poor weather conditions, e.g. heavy rainfall, snowstorms, frost, high winds, etc. While it may seem feasible, the perils on the road may only end up escalating as oncoming vehicles might not be able to notice your presence and react appropriately.

Sign #4: You are not familiar with the location you are stuck at.

Car breakdowns get more stressful than they originally are if they happen at a place you are unfamiliar with. Unfortunately, the perils that could be present in doing an onsite repair on your own can be greater too. This is why experts have always discouraged DIY repairs.

In such cases where DIY repairs can bring more danger than good, it is always safer and best to call reliable and prompt roadside assistance and tow company like Marathon Towing. Here, we know that road misfortunes can take place anytime and anywhere. Our vow is to keep you safe and your vehicle protected wherever you may be in and around Union County and Essex County, New Jersey. Give us a call today for all your roadside assistance and towing needs without hurting your budget. Premium-quality services do not have to be outrageously expensive.