New Tires

Your tires, whether branded or not, will wear out through time. Hence it is crucial to know when they are due for replacement. Otherwise, a simple delay might put you and your passengers’ lives at risk.

“So how would I know that it is the time to get new ones?”

Tire Age

Most tire manufacturers advise that tires be replaced after six years of usage. However, the right time to get new tires can be moved to an earlier date depending on a number of factors, e.g. the tire’s brand and design, your car’s mileage, the climate you have in your area, how smooth or rough the roads you drive on are, your braking behavior, and the maintenance efforts you have put on.

Moreover, tires that have gone through a series of patching for leaks will also likely age faster.

Other Signs

Aside from your tires’ age, there are other tell-tale signs that will help you determine that it is time for a replacement:

·          Low tire tread count resulting in a reduced grip or traction especially when on wet surfaces

·          Poor vehicle stability control systems

·          Your vehicle is becoming strangely hard to handle.

·          The presence of tire cracks and vibrations

Tire cracks are an obvious indication that their materials are degrading. Don’t wait for them to burst. Aside from the repair being costlier, it can also put you in danger.

Meanwhile, tire vibrations can indicate that your tire alignment is problematic. Hence, you should practice being keen when driving. If the vibrating feels weird and has been recurring, then it most likely is the right time to replace them.

·         If your car has a tire symbol on its dashboard and it’s lighted

·         If your tires are bald and are constantly shaking.

 Weather as a Major Factor

In New Jersey where there are snowy months, tires are one of the many things that can potentially damage. Just because you have braved snowy weather, it does not mean your tires remained in good condition. This is why snow tires are also a worthy investment, for the sake of safety.

When is tire replacement not necessary?

It has been proven that compared to rear tires, front tires wear out faster. Surprisingly, being unable to rotate your tires regularly during the life of your vehicle can also affect its age.

Although it is vital to replace your tires on time, it does not mean that you should replace all four at once. Make sure to know your rear tires’ conditions first before agreeing to purchase an entire tire set.

With that, here’s another expert tip: if you are only to buy two tires, make sure to install them on your front and put the old ones on your rear tire slots.

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Replacing tires on time is an act of ensuring you and your passenger’s safety. However, road misfortunes take no time and place to happen. It means that even brand new ones can still end up blowing prematurely; all it needs is a sharp nail. When these unfortunate incidents hit you, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Marathon Towing. Wherever you may be in New Jersey, we will come to your rescue for the roadside assistance and/or towing service that you need. On-site tire change service? We got you!