tow truck

Unfortunately, a well-maintained vehicle is still prone to breakdowns. Breakdowns happen unexpectedly and whether in the middle of a road or in a remote area, we are usually left without a choice but to call a reliable tow truck service nearby. A tow company like Marathon Roadside Assistance LLC can have it transported to a safer place or to the nearest auto repair shop with our tow trucks.

A reliable and seasoned tow company like Marathon Roadside Assistance very well understands that each and every road situation has unique towing needs. Here, our aim is to provide the most viable and ideal tow solution for you, and one way to realize this aim is by investing in different types of tow trucks. Let us get to know them one by one.

Flatbed Towing Trucks

Probably the most widely used type of tow truck is the flatbed tow truck. It comes with a long flatbed that loads a vehicle using hydraulics that enables the bed to move upwards and downwards. Among all the types of tow trucks, a flatbed tow truck wins in terms of safety ease-of-use as once the bed is ready, a member of the tow team can simply drive the vehicle up the ramp or the tow operator can easily pull it onto the bed without causing any further damage.

Flatbed tow trucks are the most commonly used for towing stalled or accident-involved vehicles. But aside from this, they can also load boats, motorcycles, and the larger ones can even load heavy trucks and equipment.

Hook and Chain Towing Vehicles

Considered as the tow truck for all seasons, a hook and chain tow truck can tow all kinds and sizes of vehicles. The pioneering tow companies had first invested in this kind of tow truck but along the way, damages and scratches had been observed because of the pressure being applied on the towed vehicle. Nevertheless, hook and chain tow trucks still come in handy for particular towing needs where causing further damages is not an issue, e.g. towing a junk car or towing a car badly wrecked from an accident. They are also the best in regards to maneuverability for tight or congested driving conditions. 

Integrated Towing Vehicles

When it comes to heavy-duty towing, integrated tow trucks are the best kind of tow truck to do it as they are far more specialized. Their extra axles offer additional strength and stability and with their arms embedded in their core, integrated tow trucks are great at towing buses and rigs.

Wheel-Lift Towing Trucks

The mechanism wheel-lift tow trucks use resembles that of hook and chain tow trucks. The only difference is instead of using chains to tow, wheel-lift tow trucks do it with a metal yoke hooked under the front or rear wheels. While a tow happens, the front or rear side of the vehicle is suspended using a hydraulic or a pneumatic hoist, lifting the towed vehicle from the ground for a smooth tow. Wheel-lift tow trucks are cheap but in terms of protection, they are not as safe as the flatbed tow truck.

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