licensed and unlicensed towing

When vehicle problems become impossible to repair, we usually end up needing a tow truck. Most people take it to Google by searching for a “tow company nearby.” More often than not, customers search for the cheapest tow company. However, while this may seem to be a worthwhile pick, most people find that this option lacks the required licenses or skill sets to operate legitimately. By entrusting a precious vehicle to the wrong hands, customers are putting their finances at risk. That said, are the licenses relevant? How important it is when choosing between licensed and unlicensed towing?

Unlicensed towing companies do not put value in meeting high standards. They are rather best at luring every vehicle owner to choose them for their too-good-to-be-true low rates. While they can tow, they cannot usually guarantee your vehicle’s protection. That said, there’s a high chance the vehicle will be damaged once it reaches your destination. Making matters worse is that these so-called companies are not insured.

Besides the lousy customer service, here are some of the risks you might have to face in hiring an unlicensed tow company:

·          Unlicensed drivers

·          Uncertified and poorly trained technicians and tow operators

·          Lousy, outdated towing and roadside assistance tools, tow trucks, and equipment or the lack of them

·          Dishonest rates with lots of hidden charges       

Between licensed and unlicensed towing, a licensed company genuinely aims to provide premium quality towing and vehicle breakdown services. These firms are far sincerer in delivering their promises, investing in top of the line tow equipment and roadside assistance tools to provide you safe towing at a price affordable.

These are what separates them from the latter:

PROFESSIONALISM AND EXPERTISE. Licensed tow services like Marathon Towing perform services with premium quality and that is made possible because of the team of licensed technicians and tow operators behind it. These professionals have gained extensive experience in the field, thus you’ll no longer need to worry about how they perform.

THEY ARE HIGHLY EQUIPPED. Aside from their highly skilled, courteous staff, licensed firms are equipped and properly trained to deal with road situations that need emergency towing. With the complete set of equipment and tools in place, they can easily respond to requests and calls. Those who are in need will no longer have to wait so long in the middle of the road.  

Spotting a Legitimate Tow Company in Springfield

There are a number of ways to spot whether a tow service is licensed or not and one of the easiest ways to do so is by checking their credentials which are often displayed on their company vehicle. 

Another way is by checking the company’s feedback and reviews. Here at Marathon Towing, our reviews do not lie; more and more vehicle owners in Springfield have blessed us with their precious trust after experiencing our excellent services.

Give us a call, you will not go wrong relying on us.