No matter how maintained your vehicle is, road misfortunes can still hit in the middle of a trip. Be it an engine failure, tire or battery-related, or you simply ran out of gas or got locked out of your car accident, vehicle problems are unpredictable. Time is definitely of the essence when it comes to getting the towing and roadside assistance service that you need. However, you still ought to make sure the company you chose to seek help from can truly deliver. Otherwise, the waiting will be useless, and it might turn out to cause more harm and damage to you and your vehicle than good.

Here’s to help you avoid ending up with the wrong company. Take a look at these signs:

Sign #1: The tow company charges unreasonably

It’s a given that tow companies really spend thousands of bucks for the tools and equipment alone. Not to mention the amount they invest in training and accreditations just to provide premium quality services. However, this should not be a valid reason to overcharge. Make sure to pick the company that follows fair pricing.

But that is not to say that just because a tow company’s rate is quite hefty, it can already be likened to a scam. All it needs is a bit of scrutinizing and seeing to it that a breakdown of the cost is properly disclosed. This way, you would know that you have really availed of what is being charged with you.

That said, please take note of the common factors that can affect or define a reliable tow company’s rate:

  •  Your location
  •  The state of the vehicle to be towed or repaired on the site
  •  The type of vehicle involved
  • The technicality of the towing situation

Sign #2: You’re being asked to pay upfront

A good tow company like Marathon Towing very well understands how perilous your situation could be. It knows the degree of help that you might be needing and it is committed to keeping you out of the road’s danger first before discussing any money matters, because it is the right thing to do.

 Sign #3: The tow company is not always available

Towing and roadside recovery service companies are like ambulances; they respond for their callers’ safety and security. Moreover, they very well know that accidents and road misfortunes choose no place and time to happen. Thus, they make sure that they are 24/7 available. That is how serious and committed they are to their mission.

Called a tow company in the middle of the night and didn’t get any answer? Blacklist it right away. There’s no point depending on a company that can hardly be reached and relied on in times of emergency.

Sign #4: Your concern is prioritized based on the extent of your situation

While it is understandable that more serious situations require a more urgent response, vehicles that need roadside assistance still deserve the same attention and assistance. Just because the caller sounds fine, it does not mean they’re in a safe situation, especially if it is a remote location he got stuck in during the darkest hour of the night. A reliable towing and roadside assistance company in New Jersey like Marathon Towing knows the dangers that you could be facing. You’ll surely get the response that you need in a matter of minutes.

Deciding which roadside assistance and towing company to hire in New Jersey can be quite overwhelming especially with the number of options available. That is why if you are a vehicle owner, it pays to do your research as early as possible to be fully prepared in case misfortunes strike during your trip.

For a truly reliable and premium quality roadside assistance and tow service, give us a call at Marathon Towing. Wherever you may be in Union, Elizabeth, or Newark, New Jersey, we’re only a call away. We’ll be there in minutes.