Should You Keep Driving When a Vehicle Issue Arises or Should You Call a Tow Company Instead?

There are particular car issues that are considered harmless whereby you can safely drive a little bit more before needing a repair. On the other hand, there are car issues that need to be urgently dealt with by a tow company. In the latter case, even driving a short distance can potentially cause severe damage to your car parts. 

So technically, the best and safest thing you should do whenever you are under any of the circumstances below is to call a reputable Springfield tow truck company such as The Marathon Road Assistance LLC for help and quick response instead of trying to troubleshoot and solve the problem on your own:

1. The brakes are in poor condition.

Just because the brakes seem to be working again after pumping the pedal a few times over, it does not mean it is safe to keep driving. What matters is the first attempt. If the brakes didn’t seem to catch, it could be a sign that your car is running out of brake fluid. If you don’t have brake fluid with you, then driving around will be dangerous. If you’re driving around, low on fluids and have no fluid reserves, then give Marathon a call for reliable tow and roadside recovery services. 

2. Your car slides when maneuvered.

A car that slides when maneuvered. If the tires do not grip properly anymore it is an indication that there is a potential problem on the differential. The “differential” is the set of gears that enable the tires to smoothly spin at varying speeds while in motion, or on the tire alignment. When you notice this happening to your car, the first thing that you should do is to pull over onto the roadside then lock yourself in before calling your trusted tow and roadside assistance service provider. The right team will never leave you helpless on the road, thus an immediate response will be facilitated.

3. Your car’s shifter is sticky.

A sticky or hard-to-switch shifter is an indication that a chain is breaking inside your transmission system or your car is running low on transmission fluid. Deciding to keep on driving is like relying on luck while traversing the perilous, busy road. Do not risk it; call a nearby tow company right away for help as soon as you notice this happening.

4. You got into a car accident.

If you got involved in a road collision and your car still looks good on the outside, it does not mean it is perfectly fine on the inside. Serious car damages could have ensued, i.e. your brakes might no longer be operable, your tire alignment might have been affected, or your fluid tanks could be leaking. Prioritize you and your passengers’ safety; immediately give 911 a call if you’ve been in a collision and then call Marathon if your vehicle is salvageable.

Here at Marathon, we are very much aware of the perils on the road and we never want you risking your safety facing them. When your car issues become hardly manageable or even when they seem to be easy to deal with, give us a call. Our team of experts will be glad to offer any advice suitable for your situation and will come to your rescue in no time as soon as you ask for it.

Entrust the job to the most trusted roadside assistance and towing company in Springfield; we’ll be more than glad to serve you.