Waiting for Roadside Assistance in the Rain

Roads are generally perilous and their surfaces can be more hazardous to drive on when wet. When it is raining, the likelihood of vehicles unintentionally hydroplaning is high. Hence, during rainy weather, it is common to notice a rise in the number of road accidents and vehicle collisions.

Indeed, being caught in a vehicle breakdown situation under the rain is one of the worst road misfortunes that can take place. However, it is probable and with that said, it is important that you know these precautions while driving or waiting for roadside assistance in the rain:

1.       Keeping Your Distance

It can be daunting to pull over to the roadside when it is raining since your braking manners might have to be adjusted considering the possibility of hydroplaning.  So, once you sense something odd in your engine or your vehicle, you have to instantly ensure that you are maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles or objects you might hit. In this case, nothing is safer than ensuring a slow speed.

Keeping your speed low will help maintain your distance from other vehicles you share the road with. This will smoothen your attempt to pull over in case it is needed.

2.       Keeping Your Visibility

If your vehicle decides to act up while it is raining, it is extremely vital to remain visible. Exercise precaution; keep your visibility by:

–          Turning your hazard lights on;

–          Turning your side lights on;

–          Turning your headlights on but in a low beam;

–          Wearing a glaring protective suit, so that if you leave your vehicle, the incoming vehicles will still be able to notice you; and,

–          Placing your early warning devices at strategic spots.

3.       Keeping your hood close.

The excessive rainfall can also take a toll on the engine, causing the components and electrical parts to fail. Hence, it is never wise to leave your hood open after a repair attempt. When such cases arise, nothing is wiser than calling your trusted roadside assistance company for prompt rescue.

 4.       The ABCs in driving through deep water

The standard rule is to never attempt entering a flooded road. However, if you have figured that out too late and you are already caught up in deep water, causing your engine to fail, then sit back and relax and never attempt to turn it on. Otherwise, your engine might end up locked up and damaged. Whether it is an engine issue or a battery issue that necessitates a jumpstart service, the needed rescue is always best left in the hands of the real experts.

If you got stranded on a flooded road in and around Springfield, New Jersey and you are in need of prompt and reliable roadside assistance or affordable towing, dial our hotline right away. Here at Marathon, we are very well aware of the dangers you could be in. We know that time is of the essence. All it takes is a few rings, we’ll be there in minutes.