Preparing Your Vehicle For Transportation

When people hear towing service, they often only think about hauling illegally parked or wrecked vehicles. But, towing companies do more than just pulling away cars. With the assistance of a professional, you will be able to transport your vehicle from one place to another without worrying about repercussions and wear-and-tear.

If you are looking for a tow truck company that does all kinds of towing services from roadside assistance and recovery to vehicle transportation, our Newark Tow Truck in Newark, NJ might be the solution you need. Reach us by phone and talk with our team to get more insights about our towing services.

Why you should hire a towing company for vehicle transportation

Car transportation can be a nightmare. There are several challenges and risks you could be facing if you opt to hire just any vehicle transportation service.

  • Tire pressure and blowouts
  • Unbalanced loads
  • Swaying
  • Damage sustained to the car during transport
  • The vehicle used for transportation is not up for the job
  • Sudden acceleration and speeding  of tow truck could snap and release your car
  • Sudden braking and turning could cause the hauling truck to overturn

What you need is the assistance of a trained team. Consult with our Newark Tow Truck in Newark, NJ. Our trained and skilled team will happily provide you with the right solution to your vehicle transportation problems.

Below are the five tips for preparing your vehicle for transportation that we recommend our customers do.

Plan ahead of time

A lot of planning and coordination should be made between you and the towing company you choose to hire. To have successful vehicle transportation, both ends should be made aware of the process, challenges, and possible remedies to transportation issues. 

Delivering something as heavy as a car is not as simple as delivering an Amazon package. Consult and hire the right towing service.

Our towing services nearby cover roadside assistance and recovery, as well as, loading and transportation of vehicles. We can assist you in mapping out a suitable approach that will have fewer hassles and problems. 

Remove personal belongings

Before anything else, you should inspect the interior of your car before loading it on the tow truck. 

  • Check the compartment and remove anything that might add to the load
  • Open the glove box and recover important documents
  • Inspect the door pockets for any leftover food
  • Check the sun visors, dashboard, armrests, and under-seat

Get back all your personal items that you might need. It is also recommended to have an inventory of everything you decide to leave inside your vehicle.

Detach any custom accessories

Some car owners want their cars to look their best, hence attach large interior and exterior accessories to them. Some examples of this include truck bed and tailgate accessories, lighting accessories, racks, running boards, truck covers, and towing and hitch accessories.

All of that, if not removed, creates a heavier weight of the cargo. Depending on the type of tow truck to be used, the heavy load might cause problems during transit. This is especially true if the vehicle or towing truck is going to carry and transport more than one vehicle.

Your vehicle should be cleaned and checked

It is the responsibility of the car owner to have their vehicle cleaned and checked before transportation. Make sure that your automobile is good in every aspect including:

  • Gas
  • Fluids
  • Battery
  • Engine condition

Neglecting to maintain or perform any essential repair on your car might cause complications during its transportation. For example, the engine might get loose and break into parts.

Pre-existing damages should be made known

Vehicle owners are expected to note any pre-existing damage to their car. Scratches, dents, missing parts – these should all be disclosed to the towing company. It is crucial to inspect the vehicle and create a list of all the pre-existing damages to make it easier to determine any casualty inflicted during transport.

The fuel tank should not be empty, but not full either

Car fuel adds to the total load. To avoid any trouble or accident caused by a heavy load, only fill your car with half or under a quarter of fuel. 

Disable the alarm system of your vehicle

Does your car have a built-in alarm system? Before it gets loaded on the tow truck, make sure you have disabled the system. Some roads might get rough which could trigger the alarm. 

Repair any leakage

One of the most important areas of the vehicle that must be checked is the undercarriage. Shipping automobiles with leaks might cause mayhem such as car explosions. Have a professional mechanic repair any noticeable leaks on your car. 

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