Roadside Vehicle Breakdown

Getting caught up in a vehicle roadside breakdown situation in Springfield is daunting, not to mention dangerous with the potential perils in place. And such a problem can double if you have passengers with you as they themselves also have to watch for their safety. While a reliable Springfield towing company can come to your rescue in a matter of minutes, a lot can happen during the waiting time.

Your topmost priority in such cases should be to ensure you and your passengers’ safety. Keep an eye on the following red flags or sources of danger:

The Present Traffic

 First things first; if your vehicle breaks down, if there is a way to do it, make sure to pull over along the roadside, i.e. somewhere away far the traffic or road crowd. While the severity of the situation may vary, the side of the road is constantly the safest place to park and wait for help.

Once you’re on the side, here are basic important rules to remember:

·         Turn off the engine, turn on your hazard lights, and activate your hand brake.

·         Ask your passengers to vacate through the right passenger door and try your best to do the same.

·         Take out your early warning devices and place them on the right spots. This is to prompt the oncoming vehicles about your stalled ride.

Potential Smoke

Modern vehicles do not easily catch fire but the possibility remains. That being said, it is never wise to stand idle with a lack of anticipation. Be keen about possible smoke. Once you see it, try your best to pop your vehicle’s hood to allow your engine to cool down (if you feel that it is safe doing it) before moving away from the vehicle.

Nonetheless, put your safety on top of your priority list all the time. Make sure to apply all the precautions while the “tow truck near meis on the way.

To Stay Inside or To Get Out?

There are a number of vehicle breakdown situations where it is perilous to stay inside. However, most of the breakdowns are harmless and unurgent. In which case, you also have to consider other factors that can increase the hazards you might have to face, e.g. traffic, how safe your current location is, etc. Then from there, you can do some assessing whether it is safer to lock yourselves in while waiting for a tow service or otherwise.

DIY Repairs

A good driver is expected to be aware of the ABCs in case a breakdown happens. That includes carrying out the basic, doable repairs. However, DIY repairs are not always recommended during a vehicle breakdown on the roadside as they can only expose one to more risks from the oncoming traffic, jeopardizing safety.

At Marathon, safety is our foremost priority. Do not hesitate to give us a call when a car problem hits you off guard in and around Union County and Essex County, New Jersey. We take every emergency call with urgency as we know the dangers you and your passengers could be in. We vow to be there in minutes. We’ll be.